Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Things I have learnt of late

Instruments set up

Don't wear high heels for playing bass

Not even if they are the loveliest shoes ever, and the green matches your outfit perfectly. By the middle of the set your feet will hurt in a most distracting manner, even if you do sound fantastic.

Flea market

People like patterns and themes

Rather than my usual jumble sale inspired approach, I tried a blue and pink theme at a Flea market on Sunday. Pink item went on one side. Blue items on the other. Things that had a bit of both went in the middle. It resulted in more browsers. And I sold a couple of things that I've taken to a number of fayres and market without selling. Next up has to be a rainbow theme.

I can watch things with subtitles

I've never been a fan of things with subtitles. It seemed too much like hard work. You had to observe the action, listen to the dialogue and read the translation. This need to focus meant the you couldn't do anything else while watching. So reading, sewing, blogging, knitting, sorting through paperwork, unpicking jumpers, and even filing my nails was out. However with a little focus (and a reminder to myself that it isn't necessary to multitask at all times) it becomes easy to sink into the narrative and bring together the audio, visuals and text.

Woman with flowers in a bowler hat

I'm never going to learn not to overdo life

Once again I'm packing things into every minutes of the day and feeling exhausted. I could spend time beating myself up for not doing less. Or I could just get on with things and see what happens. And if I don't manage to do something then the world probably won't grind to a halt.

Wishing you green ink and good food,


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