Monday, 4 January 2010

Looking in both directions

Looking back at the posts I did at the start of last year, reviewing the year just past and looking to the year ahead, it seems that my hopes for the year ahead don’t vary much

2009 review
Started belly dancing again. Baked lots of vegan cupcakes. Did the Moonwalk. Saw NKOTB and Alice Cooper. Went to V09. Played a musical instrument in public for the first time in over 25 years. Discovered a cafĂ© serving vegan food. Made strawberry wine. Dyed my hair with Elderberries. Bought and played electro-acoustic bass guitar. Danced and went to bed late in Leamington and Nottingham. One funeral and one wedding. Altered and made clothes using a dressmaking dummy (enter Rosie) for fittings. Started filing my nails regularly. Had a regular massage. Took Pilates and Yoga classes. Made a decision about my online business. Sold stuff on eBay. Started a new blog. Increased my fear of dogs. Discovered the hazards of wearing new shoes to festivals. Carted manure around in a wheelbarrow. Read and felt inspired by lots of books. Attended vitality show and tried out Burlesque. Went to cocktails and cupcakes party. Bought more music CDs than ever before and listened to them. Planted Raspberries (just waiting to get a crop from them). Went on secondment at work and developed. Attended summer beauty morning and lunch ( and decided to have my own home spa mornings in future). Climbed Glastonbury Tor. Hosted a ‘weekend at Bernies’ party. Cried, argued and sulked. Discovered

Plans and dreams for 2010
Buy a Rickenbacker 4003. Go to Sonisphere and V. Dance – lots. Eat loads of veg. Play bass and get to the end of grade 3. Get back into exercising. File nails. Come up with killer business idea. Complete chartership. Take lunch to work everyday. Buy less and make do more. Work my allotment with buddies. Find out how to become a good listener. Read War and Peace. Learn to read music. Do you yoga before bed. Have a Lush party. Belly dance. Learn to forage. Keep working at a vegan diet. Dye my hair green. Use up my fabric stash.

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