Friday, 9 May 2014

My year of less and more: month 4

Home made elephant costumes

I've now managed four months without purchasing new clothes, shoes or accessories. Last week was a bit of a struggle as I put together various costumes for Spring Fling. However as I was unable to buy clothes I had to make do with what I had or what I could borrow. As a result I had no purchases that I would wear only once, no panicked searches through the shops, and the chance to get innovative. I learnt how to make a beard from a ball of yarn; a skill I'm sure I'll find further use for.

Targets wise things went better in March then April, mainly because my goals got a bit woolly. So I completed March's tasks of garden clearance, creating a classics reading list, and organising a vegan meet up. While I did things in April the results weren't so clear cut.

My progress was as follows:

  • Clear my sewing pile - it's smaller than it was. Three are still a number of items that need work, and a few are going to form monthly goals of their own.
  • Learn about Triads - I now know what these are. A good opportunity to temping myself of the basics of the murky world of musical theory. Should a huge help next time I'm reading Bass a guitar magazine.
  • Clear junk out at a car boot sale - I've set dates to do boot sales. I've made a huge pile of stuff to sell. I just need to. Ring the two together.

My 'challenges' for May are:

  • Make a button collar necklace
  • Make a plan for my sites Not The Vegan Police, and The Vegan Sandwich
  • Create a list of places to visit in Essex

As the outcomes for these are more clear cut it should easier to know if I've done them.


I also need to up my game on 40 for forty.

Things that are the various of my list are:

  • Making crumpets - crumpet rings have been purchased
  • Read a book on wild swimming
  • Find out what the a Shipping Forecast is all about
  • Look up vegan food swaps

So another busy month beckons bringing an emptier house, a better used wardrobe, and an engaged brain.


Wishing you green ink and good food,



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