Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What's in my lunch box? The duller stuff

Lunch box and book


There has to be balance in everything. And it would seem that if I am eating new and exciting dishes at evenings and weekends (curried butternut squash and lentil soup, and sesame, sweet potato, and Kale), then lunchtimes are a little duller. Hence once again brown rice and cabbage are making an appearance in my lunchbox. Not that I’m complaining they taste great.

Clockwise from top right

  • Savoy cabbage
  • Hummus topped with roasted chickpeas
  • Brown basamati rice
  • Gingerbread apple pie

To read: Little Star by John Ajvide Lindqvist

This was a book that I really couldn’t guess the how it would turn out. Despite opening with the end, there were a number of totally unexpected events, characters and plot twists to get there. The writer has a brilliant way of making a situation feel tense, then just as you’re anticipating what will happen he introduces a new element, forcing you to question your original thinking.


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