Thursday, 25 April 2013

Seven for 7

Hanging out at London Vegan drinks at The Big Chill House. The roof terrace is fabulous and will be even better when the weather really warms up. Check out the herb garden.
Getting enthused about Club 20.

Taking advantage of the good weather to get on with allotment related stuff.

A shady deal!

Buying Beican from the Vegan Ronin and it is indeed awesomely delicious.

Plotting at the Stationery Show for Ink Drop Boxes.

Performing with the Burlesque Jems at the Pamper Me Vintage event at The Loop (and hanging out with Carla from Ducking Fabulous). The audience were delightfully appreciative.

Making paper pasties - single wear pasties perfect for avoiding wardrobe malfunctions - I'm popping some in my Etsy shop if you fancy a pair.


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