Monday, 22 April 2013

A lunchtime stroll

I try to make an effort to get out at lunchtime at least three times a week. It's obviously more appealing in better weather or if I have a mission like purchasing leeks or tracking down emerald green tights or buying a magic wand.

One of my incentives for getting out on lazy days is to re-visit points of interest in the surrounding area. So I admire houses with quirky features. Check the progress of building work and refurbishments. Admire colourful plants.


One house has a garden walk I am always keen to linger by. However when I passed I saw a gap and a scattering of broken bricks!

Broken wall
Despite my initial fears I soon discovered that most of what I was looking for was still in place.


And a few had even been spruced up.


Aren't they amazing! I'll certainly be eager to walk this way again and check out the progress on refurbishment.


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