Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What's in my lunch box this week? - seeking fresh inspiration


So lunch this week has been pasta bake with green pepper and vegan hot dogs followed by apple, walnut and dried fruit flapjack.
The story of the pasta bake begins about 10 days ago when I cooked carrots and corn. Having eaten tiny portions of these on a pizza and with a roast, I turned the not inconsiderable remains into soup. Quite a lot of soup as it turned out. But the soup didn't get finished because I was out doing Burlesque stuff, vegan stuff, and work stuff. Or I was home being ill and eating nothing. Being incapable of throwing food away I mixed in a load of chilli and some cooked macaroni, topped off with nutritional yeast and baked it. There probably aren't any nutrients left in the vegetables by now but it might be the start of a future recipe. Obviously made with much fresher ingredients and more thought.
The flapjack turned out lovely. I've had to stop myself consuming the entire lot in one sitting. I would suggest apples and walnuts were an amazing autumn combination but surely we're currently in winter?

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