Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My weekend - sunshine, music and low flying bottles

Main stage at V festival 2012
With the sun shining and a pretty awesome line up this weekend might just have been my best V festival ever!

My festival highlights were:

  • Tom Jones - he really is just as amazing as everyone says. His version of Tower of song bought tears to my eyes. Plus his entire band looked like they were having a really good time.
  • Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Essentially Oasis with the focus on the music rather than sibling wars
  • The Charlatons - a delightful last minute substitution for Dappy
  • Snow Patrol - just as good as they were last time the played V. Personally I would have liked to see them as headliners.
  • The Stones Roses - nothing like a band that knows how to jam
  • Keane - a nice tight set
  • The Killers - they were terrible last time I saw them so pleased that they were 100% better.
  • A nice cup of tea after the headline acts
  • An unexpected parachute performance by the Red Devils - that pink smoke in the picture below? It came from their heels as they decended!

Red devils parachute display
  • I also really liked these flags although I've no idea why they there!
However there were a few low points:

    • Bottles being thrown around in the crowd. Leaving aside the health and safety aspect having something heavy knock into the back of your head just ruins the moment.
    • Litter - there are never enough bins but surely that no excuse for just dropping on the ground.
  • Songs that include the name of the band performing them
  • Food on offer seemed more limited than usual. I had planned to take some with me but was sure how appetising it would be after several hours in the heat.
So will I be back next year for another day of crowds, litter, noise and discarded pineapples? It's more than likely....


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