Monday, 13 August 2012

My weekend - Discovery

A while back I signed up for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap. It sounded like fun, a reason to do some textile design and stretch my creative muscles. Having signed up, I made a load of notes, drew a few sketches and then did absolutely nothing about it. Fortunately the organisers are excellent a sending timely reminder emails meaning that with ten days to go I was on the case again. The theme was 'discover' and I planned on including a quotation that would form the central theme of he part.

Stitched postcard
Stitched postcard
Alas it took me ages to find a quote that wasn't too long, too obscure or too dull. Then it was time rummage through my jars of trimmings and drawers of fabric to put together the design. Which brings us nicely to Friday night. We had guests but that didn't matter a bit when there was sewing to be done. I wasn't moving from my sewing machine until I got it finished and all ready to post to my swap partner in Florida on Saturday (so tied up with in a bundle with some tea bags). If you want see how other people interpreted the theme have a look at the group on Flickr.

I did manage some time away from my desk and out in the fresh air. It's always a pleasure to go out walking with visitors and show off the surrounding countryside.

Field of wheat
I also managed to visit a car boot sale and score lots of great stuff for just over a fiver. Of course, I'm now recalling all the stuff I nearly bought but didn't and kicking myself for not getting it. However I an thrilled with my green hoodie, belt, scarf, fan (a spare for burlesque has got to useful), guitar chord book (learn to play a six string is on my 2012 to do list) and straw bag (I've ripped lining out to wash while I repair the straps).

Stuff purchased at car boot sale
Sunday afternoon has got to win the prize for most relaxing social event of the year or maybe it just seemed thy way after frantic cooking and food prep! A load of us meet up in a park to picnic, gossip and read the paper. Alas I failed to take any photographs of either the event (nicely organised by Carla of Ducking Fabulous) or the food I made (although some it is bound to end up in my lunch box).

As ever the week ahead is busy (and the festivals are getting closer) but I've be making progress with some projects. I opened my Etsy shop today and tomorrow night I have a meeting to discuss plans for an exciting new venture.

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