Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What's in my lunch box this week? Inspired by Hugh

Hugh F-W's article in the Guardian Weekend magazine a week or two back was just amazing. Recipes that used vegetables but didn't drown them in cheese AND was enthusiastic about beans and pulses.

From left:
  • Potatoes, aubergines and chickpeas roasted with Harrisa paste and a nice helping of Runner beans gently steamed (got to work through that glut)
  • Plums - I adore these. They are a great combination of sweet and sour.
  • Salad of lettuce, spinach and basil (all home grown)
  • Leftovers cake - an interesting mix of some kind of sweet powdered tea drink and past their best dried fruits soaked overnight. Plus I did not use strong flour for this so for one I have cake that is light rather then chewy!

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