Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Watch my hands

On Sunday I went for my annual visit to the Vitality Show with Mimi. Last year’s show wasn’t brilliant stall wise but the talks, workshops and demonstrations were good on the whole.

This year our plan was to get there for 11am so that we could go to a hula hoping workshop. Our plans were somewhat challenged due to non-running trains and a bus replacement service. After looking a number of different routes and taking in account Sunday bus services we finally hit upon one that would get us there on time.

All was going well. The weather was good. The buses were running on time. Then our train didn’t move for an hour due to an accident. We arrived at the vitality Show an hour and half later than anticipated.

The show wasn’t particularly good. There seemed to be fewer stands than in previous years. There were no Nairs Oatcakes, Redwood foods, Colour Me Beautiful or Lara bars. We were totally ignored at the Black Tower wine stand (maybe we looked to young to buy alcohol!).

On the plus side lunch was amazing. We’d been planning to take a packed lunch as food at these venues is often fatty and overpriced. As a result we were thrilled with the selection on offer at the Crussh. The Japanese Noodle Salad was just the kind of food I wanted to eat and the price was very reasonable.

We always make a point of having a massage and this year tried seated Zen shiatsu. I found it quite relaxing. I was pleased to be told afterwards that all my major organs were in good shape (apparently you can tell from checking pressure points). The guy also told me that I carry all my stress in my hands.

I’m inclined to think he has a point here. My hands do have a tendency to shake if I am very nervous or stressed. Or they become very cold. My Belly Dance teacher is always telling me to relax my hands.

The big question is how do I relax my hands and will this reduce my stress levels? Or do I need to reduce my stress levels and this will relax my hands?

The day must have done us some good. We both felt more ‘vital’ than usual on Monday morning.

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