Thursday, 26 January 2012

Things I Love Thursday - simplified, yoga in ten and office love

Stuff that's making my day at present based on Gala Darling's concept

Words Words Words - I popped along to Selfridges on Oxford Street on my way to London Vegan Drinks last week and discovered they have a fabulous concept store on their ground floor which is where the simplified card above came from. If you're in London to pop along and grab your own card from their fortune telling roller coaster contraption or visit

Yoga in the morning - I'm doing a few minutes of yoga every morning inspired by Barbara Currie's book. It's something I've intended to do for years but I've tended to skip days and only do he exercises I like. The variety this forces me to do us great and it's having an impact. When I had acupressure earlier in the week the therapist commented that my back was much looser than usual. Only thing is the book needs to back to the library soon so do ibuy a copy (even though I'm not interested in the diet and beauty bits) or look for an app that will give me a couple of new poses every day?

Office space - I moved into a new office at the end of last week. I'm in the same building but on the second floor instead of the first. I'm loving it! The light levels are great and I'm enjoying the company of the colleagues I'm sharing with. 

Other Stuff - Shakeaway (love that they do stuff for vegans although not so enthusiastic about the cost) *trying new recipes *"I'm not brave enough to wear knickers" *strutting in high heels *how to remove a tie *playing bass and coming over all punk *porridge with dates *speedy delivery *sobriety January 

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