Monday, 7 May 2012

My weekend - time off

Jar of pasta
I was so looking forward to the long weekend and so determined to relax and recharge. By Friday evening I was, as usual, tired and about to start planning what I could catch up on. Instead I decided I would do as little as possible except for a Burlesque class on Sunday. I certainly wasn't going to write a long list of tasks.

So I cancelled my usual Saturday morning walk, reminded myself that there was no rush and that I could sit and read or take a nap anytime I wanted. The result was a lot of cooking, 2 afternoon naps and a feeling that I need a week off! I enjoy my bass and burlesque practice so much more when I'm not rushing onto the next task.

Weekend antics:
Friday - giant vegan burger (burger, mayo, onion, faux turkey, faux cheese, ketchup) and curly fries followed by viewing the original Fright Night.

Saturday - made Fresh pasta (enough to feed 2 and fill my storage jar), took a 3 hour nap, picked up loads of new books from the library, cleaned teapot (it now pours beautifully again). Re-organised shoe storage (they are now in vintage trunks rather than on racks)

Sunday - an hour at the allotment making a new lid for my composter from an old air bed. Burlesque class with fridge cake and a flask of tea. Very late lunch of bagels, faux cream cheese and Buck's Fizz (left over from NYE and only 3 units of alcohol in a bottle). Looked at fabric storage on Pinterest (my fabric stash needs to go somewhere now shoes are in vintage trunks).

Monday - lots of tiny and satisfying tasks completed. A return to codecademy after a break. Afternoon nap. Experimentation with mashed potato and a George Foreman grill (results: inconclusive).

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