Thursday, 30 June 2011

Things I love Thursday

Clothes dyeing – I used washing machine dye on 4 white garments in my wardrobe that I just wasn’t wearing. I love the new colours and that I might now actually wear them.

Chill out time - I have a busy life but between work, commuting, belly dance shows, band practice, allotmenting and other bits and pieces I seemed to be running around with the time to actually enjoy what I was doing. Things seem to be slowing down a bit or I’m getting really well organised.

Discovering new parks - I realised this weekthat I had never visited the park by the museum and it was within lunchtime walking distance. It was quite busy and put me in the mind of Topsy and Tim go to the park but throughly enjoyed the winding paths. It was nice to just wander around and think good thoughts.

Other stuff – resolving the tights issue (just in time for the heat wave), getting to grips with third gear again, reasons to by a P bass, breakfast with a friend, hash browns,

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