Wednesday, 11 November 2009

What's in my lunchbox this week?

I have an abundance of potatoes. I usually do quite well with potato growing. Either my skills have massively improved or the conditions this year were just what the farmer ordered. The spinach is doing quite well too. The stuff that went to seed had come back and a new planting is doing well (except for occasional slug attacks).

Clockwise from top right:

Celery - I enjoyed it so much last week I had to include it in my lunchbox again.

Boiled potatoes - I love mashed potato but have always been worried that it doesn't keep well once made. This is based on fears other people have expressed rather than my own experience. So I boiled the potatoes at the start of the week and have been heating them in the microwave at work and mashing on the spot. Works well.

Chocolate torte - from a Rose Elliot cookbook. Very rich. I made it to serve at dinner for guests but not that much of it got eaten. If/when I make it again I will use oil rather than chocolate to bind the biscuits in the base.

Spinach and tofu salad - From one of the Sarah Kramer books. I baked the tofu in sesame oil rather than frying it. The dressing very good and I can see lots of other uses for it.

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Vixel said...

The spinach and tofu salad looks delicious, I've never been able to cook tofu properly, it always seems to fall to pieces because I can't leave it alone in the pan. I may have to buy some and try baking it! :)